all the stars were fallen embers (liacoraginger) wrote in dbsk_crack,
all the stars were fallen embers

Okay~! I stumbled upon this community and died of laughter... but there is much more to be shared!!!

(...he definitely shaves his armpits! :O)

^________^;;; (WHAT A FREAK.)

So hi~! I'm Ammie... oh, I got these pictures from angelkiwi350 on Photobucket, a friend showed them to me, she had just been searching for pictures and stuff. XD; there's a ton of hilarity there.

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Finally! Someone who understand what this community is about!


this post is gread XDXD lolol

I will try and make another post one of these days.. cause like you said~ there really is to much crack XD
YES! *pumps fist into air*

lol! If you pause it in the mv, he has like, really nice armpits.... o.o better than mine! Muh!

Speaking of the Balloons MV... have you seen the making of video? HERO RUBS A POLE. And then looks proud of himself! x___x he's hilarious XDDD

You should, you should! Spread the love! XD
... no i havent... DO YOU HAVE IT?????

it's on YouTube i believe... *finds*

but I have it on DVD, which I'm going to get around to ripping soon, which means I will have all that's on the D version third album DVD :DDD~ (also have all the other versions of the 3rd album, but the D version is by far the best)


they have eng subs on YouTube, too, even if there's only a few bits where they're actually speaking XDDDD
i have a lq complex.. ill look for it on club box XD
^O^ hilarious! thank you for sharing!!!! >W< the spoons one.. and that kitty plushie... XD
OMG fan service! o,o
... uhm.
Eh. Hehe.

You just made me feel like try and do some macros on dbsk picturs ... but ... but ... I ain't got no inspiration ...
WAA~~ *nods nods* Shaved armpits.. xDD nicee... hehehe

its nice when guys shave their armpits.. *nods nods*

especially when its jae. GO JAE!! MUAHAHAHAAAA
Actually~ This post is awesome but kind of old. Anyway~

With Jaejoong in an interview he has said that his body doesn't grow hair [or much anyway] except for his eye brows and head :] Which is amazing when you think about it...
oh really now? *strokes chin thoughtfully* ..... damn asians. I wish I didn't grow hair everywhere. D|