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'Hazy Beauty' - a crackish fic

Length: verrrry short, like a paragraph, one-shot
Author: captainlard
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jaeho
Summary: mocking usual fic-ness
A/N: My friend Tyler is an idiot. But an occasionally entertaining idiot.
Having been a tad depressed and stressed for a little while, I asked him to write me a fic to cheer me up. Eventually, he jokingly obliged and posted this in our msn convo. Thought I'd share it since he has issues with LJ atm, and it did make me laugh....

jaejoong walked over to the mysterious man infront of him, ' who is this vision' he thought as he seemd to flow towards him and then the male adonnis looked towards him, he was beautiful, their eyes met and spoke a thousand words worth. then they fucked for a long time and you saw their genitals and stuff



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