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dbsk_crack's Journal

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.this is our story.

Yo, sup? Somehow, you've managed to stumble upon the DBSK CRACK!!1!. Yesh, this is that place. So, run for your lives/scream in terror in the face of the crack :D This community was started by one very awesome girl, who thought that the crack needed to be shared with the world! AND THE BEST WAY TO DO THAT IS THROUGH EELJAY XDD When she offered up the idea to me, I pounced on it! Because who doesn't love DBSK + crack, right? And thus, dbsk_crack was born.

Maintainers = krissasaur & haidochan :D (Yes, we know we pwn.)

.obey me.

THE COMMANDMENTS?! Yes. Follow them, and all shall be well in the land of crack :D

.01. Obviously, HAVE SOME PASSION FOR THE DBSK! They are the only topic of discussion round here XD
.02. Following that, only post/talk about DBSK. Seriously. We are DBSK_crack. Not how-was-your-day_crack :D
.03. INTRODUCE YOURSELF! We want to know who you are, why you like DBSK, and why you are addicted to their crack so we can ttly stalk you :D! Please, no life stories. Yea, thanks.
.04. In posts, please put all large images/icons/fanfiction/fanart/large graphics/youtube videos/etc behind a cut, since I don't want someone complaining to us about stretching their friend's page, kthx.
.05. TAG your posts. Trust me, it saves everyone a great big headache.
.06. If you find a nice, cracky video/audio, feel free to upload it somewhere, and share. But, make sure to label, hmm? And state exactly where you uploaded it, kthx.
.07. Check the community posts and the tags, if you think something might have been posted before. We're not going to go crazy if you do post something again, just try not to do it, ok?
.08. Be NICE. Seriously, this should have been the number one rule. Be nice and respectful to all the members, and to us maintainers. And I promise, you will be treated nicely in return.
.09. HAVE FUN. Yesh. What is the point of a community if you don't have fun?! :D

More to be added as Kira thinks about them.

.get out of here.


Official DBSK website

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Would you liked to be linked here? tell me about it, friend :D


Oh, we so don't own these boys. Or their music. Or anything that is within their legal copyright laws. If we did, we would so be using them for our own twisted pleasure sharing them with all the fans around the globe :D This community is also in no way affiliated with DBSK or their website, or their managers. Or any kind of record company. Nothing like that, ok? Lol. We're not making a profit either. We're just poor little fans, amusing ourselves with their crack. That is all.

Layout is credit to krissasaur. Don't steal or we'll bite your hands off :]