Oro (jaemon_ichooseu) wrote in dbsk_crack,


Hello dearest children ;] 
I'd like to introduce myself to you as Hamu XD but you can call me Oro too..whatever pleases you between the two names <3 I discovered DBSK 3-4 months ago, and have been trying to get a hold of any possible clips, tv shows, interviews, pv's, and (most important of all) pictures I could find. Sometimes, looking at the boys makes me go "wth is wrong with them", but I they're still love nevertheless! Their crack pictures/clips shows their real side...which is what I admire most (what a lame thing to say..had to say it though o_O) I always thought that either Micky or Junsu were the most randomest ones of them all, but it turned out JAEJOONG was even more freakinweird O_________O *aaaahahahahha jaejooo~~~~ pokes*

BUUUUUUUUUUT. hey, i found junsu with this lovely hairstyle, and had a breakdown...and more pictures of everyone's favourite lamb. Junsu...you've proven me wrong x] HOMGGMUSTSEE *OOOO*

(What's wrong my kitten?)
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